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Indubond 130N

An induction bonding machine to weld a set of internal and prepeg layers that will form the multilayer circuit, in the pre-pressing step.

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Indubond X1

A solid and low friction table that allows the registration tool plate to be moved with 1 next-generation InduBond V3 head

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Indubond PLR

It is a device for the registration and "bonding" of multilayer printed circuits, the registration or centering of the layers is done by a mechatronic system

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Indubond 230N

It is a new generation of Chemplate inductive joining machines for the registration of layer-to-layer pins and the union of the internal and pre-impregnated layers of a multilayer printed circuit.

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Indubond X-Press 360

InduBond is presenting X-Press, the revolutionary new way of laminating PCB, using Induction Heating Technology to deliver precisely the energy to cure the resins with no thermal delays in any direction of the stack. X, Y and Z direction.

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Indubond RFX

It is an induction bonding equipment to weld a set of internal and prepeg layers that will form a multilayer circuit

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Indubond X-Press 100

It is basically a press machine that has a different way to produce the heat needed to press laminates of standard methods.

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Indubond CD

A very compact intelligent and fast automatic storage system that helps organize the cores of the inner layer and the prepregs during the construction process before lamination.

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We present our Indubond® induction bonding technology for the registration of multilayers in the process of manufacturing printed circuits.

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