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Our range of machinery, can be supplemented with the following options.

6 heads
Our InduBond 130N model can be configured with 6 InduBond soldering heads, which is recommended for panels larger than 24.

4 Slots
Our high-precision centering templates are based on an oblong pin and a hole that allow for very precise fit on the transversal axis while allowing movement along the longitudinal axis. This kind of template is compatible with the InduBond 130N and InduBond RFX.It is also compatible with C.A. Picard and Multiline systems.

Round Pins
Our high-precision centering templates use round pins and holes that make a very precise fit possible. With this system, the layers cannot move in any direction. This kind of template is compatible with the InduBond 130N and InduBond RFX.

QR / Barcode
This is a system for reading encrypted codes used to automatically call the manufacturing parameters of our machines and it also lets clients associate those parameters with their traceability database.

MT / Measurity Table
An optional feature on the InduBond PLR, it uses 8 CCDs to measure the dimensional shape and alignment of the upper and lower images of the layers.

An optional MT system, MTX (OCR) detects the correct order and position of layers during stacking.

As an option for the InduBond PLR, all the heads can be moveable so that soldering can be done anywhere on the surface

PLR Unloader
This an automatic unloading system using a stacker in the unloading area.

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